Are Women More Attracted to Funny Guys?

There have always been a lot of disagreements about what women look for in a guy. A lot of women tend to say that they look for personality and someone that can make them laugh, but men refuse to believe this.

Of course, there are a lot of men out there that think they are hilarious, but they are unable to get girls and so they instantly respond with the idea that women are lying about being into funny men.

Because these men are unable to get the women that they want, they instead declare that it is because women are lying and they are instead attracted to hot men with a lot of money in the bank. Men are much more likely to accuse women of lying rather than acknowledging that they just aren’t very funny.

Well as a woman with a lot of female friends, I can confirm that women are in fact attracted to funny guys and here are just a few reasons why.

Looks Fade

A big reason why women tend to go for funny men is that looks fade over time. If a woman was to go for a man purely because of his looks, then this would not last. Once the looks start to disappear, you may be left with someone with no personality that cannot make you laugh, which would make your relationship incredibly boring.

Though looks are important, they do not last forever and so you cannot base your entire relationship on this. A lot of women would much rather grow old with someone that will make them laugh than someone that they do not necessarily gel with, but is attractive too.

Women Aren’t as Shallow as You May Think

When you ask any woman if she prefers a funny guy over an attractive guy, she will always say yes but you will always find a man that declares this is not the truth.

People tend to think that women can be very shallow and only care about looks, but that is not the case at all. Men that have unfortunately had no luck with women tend to think that this is because women do not like their looks. It is very easy to dismiss that someone doesn’t like you because of their own poor attributes as this hurts a lot less than someone not liking you because of your own undesirable personality.

Men tend to tell other men that women act a certain way because of their past experiences and this means that a lot of men tend to hold an opinion based on the experiences of others, which may not necessarily be the case.

Though some women can be shallow, you can not tar every woman with the same brush as that is not fair to women that do not share those opinions.

Laughter Is Good For Your Health

A big reason why so many women decide to go for funny men is that laughter is good for your health. It is hard to be in a negative mind space when you are with someone that is constantly making you laugh, so there is no wonder why women tend to go for funny guys.

Laughter has a lot of health benefits. For example, laughing can reduce tension and anxiety. It also relieves stress and can help combat depression or feelings of sadness. You also release a lot of serotonin when you laugh and so when you date someone that is funny, you are constantly around someone that can make you feel good.

We all look for ways that we can feel happy all of the time and if a woman can find this source of happiness with someone that they are dating, there is no wonder why so many women choose to go for fun men.

Do You Want to Be a Funnier Guy?

Now that you know just some of the reasons why women are so attracted to men with a sense of humor, you may be wondering whether or not you are funny enough to be a hit with women.

If you are someone naturally blessed with good looks, but you have not been able to catch the attention of a woman, then there is a good chance that you need to work on your sense of humor.

First of all, you should just try and be yourself to the best of your ability. Nobody likes it when someone puts on a false persona and it can be very offputting when someone is not being themselves.

If you are not naturally funny, you can look up some actually hilarious jokes on the internet, I would recommend using a site like as that site has plenty of brilliant jokes that are bound to make any woman laugh.

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