How Does Scotland Fight Its Cold Weather?

If you have lived in warmer places like Spain or Arizona, you probably could be wondering how colder places like Scotland fight the cold weather. Perhaps you’ve heard about people renovating their homes with insulation materials to keep warm.

You’re not far away from the truth because in Scotland property owners do some improvements to their properties to keep away from the cold. Some of the structural adjustments include glazing the windows and doors and installing blackout curtains.

In this discussion, we look at double glazing in Edinburgh and the steps people take in Scotland to keep warm. Keep reading.

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazing is simply protecting your windows and doors to ensure cold air does not get inside. For a standard room, a window or door can lose more heat than the wall. For this reason, you can install double or even triple glazing on your windows or doors to better retain heat and comfort indoors.

Additionally, you can consider a microbubble overglazing film that comes with a complete set including seals that will be placed on the frames. Therefore, this prevents cold air from penetrating through the gaps in the openings.

Worth noting, you won’t spend a lot because stickers, foam, rubber, or plastic can cost just a few pounds from the store.

Here are the Benefits Double Glazing

Besides keeping your home warm, double glazed windows and doors offer multiple advantages which we shall discuss in this text. Keep reading to discover.

Improves the Curb Appeal of your Property

Double glazed windows will increase the value of your property due to the insulation it offers. Should you decide to sell the house, you’ll be amazed at the current resale value.

Of course, there are other things such as the location that can affect the value of the house. However, double glazing will certainly raise the bar.

You’ll Pay Less For Electricity

Generally, homes lose up to 30% of their heat via the windows. Essentially, failing to glaze your windows can mean higher utility bills. A double glazed window keeps the heat inside which helps to cut down your power bills.

Therefore, start considering double glazed windows as an investment that will pay off when your utility bills start to stabilize.

Improves your Comfort

Because double glazed windows prevent the heat from escaping to the outside, this improves your comfort during winter and cold seasons.

During summer, cool air doesn’t escape to the outside thereby providing a favorable environment when the heat is high. Therefore, glazed windows work both ways during summer and winter.

Keeps Away The Noise

A double glazed window offers more than protecting you from harsh weather conditions. It also protects you from loud noises coming from the outside. Therefore if you live near a noisy street with cars hooting all over, it makes sense to install a double glazed window. You can have quality sleep and relax well in the house.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Glazed Windows

Before you purchase double-glazed windows some things should be your priority. It’s worth noting that the market is flooded with all types of double-glazed windows of different qualities.

Therefore, it’s important to choose materials that will deliver the best value for more. Here is what you need to keep in mind.

The material that constitutes the frame should be made of UPVC. This type of material prevents heat from escaping thereby cutting your energy bills.

Even though wood was popular in the past, it may not be a good choice because it generally expands or contracts depending on the temperature. Furthermore, it’s expensive to buy and maintain. Wood can be attacked by termites thereby devaluing your glazed windows.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of glass. This is because different double-glazed windows come with varying varieties of glass. The cost also varies such that a more superior option will give your house a high level of protection.

Lastly, think about the space between the two panels. Ensure the windows use a specific type of gas, mostly argon as this conducts less heat. Therefore it will offer more insulation for your home and save you some money.

Choosing the Best Provider

When choosing a reputable company, get different quotes before settling for an affordable solution. However before you do that, check reviews from different customers and testimonials about the company. Lastly, budget and only buy what is within your budget.


It’s possible to opt for the installation of thick curtains to keep away the cold. However, a double-glazed window will offer a long-lasting solution. Besides, it works in both ways during summer and winter. If you live in an old house that didn’t have proper insulation, double glazing of windows can bump up your comfort during winter.

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